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Media Sound are the Brisbane voice over specialists! And we have partnered with some of the hottest talents in town. Most of our voice artists are either trained actors, public speakers or radio announcers - or a mixture of all three. And there are a few that are just simply quite gifted. Reading for audio productions is no easy feat, and to really make an impression you need to be able to project your voice in a way that will capture the listeners attention. Our talent can most certainly do that!

Voice Artists from All Walks of Life

From China to Britian to New Zealand to American and back home again, we have voice artists from all countries and all walks of life; and they are all gifted in their own ways and genres. Our diverse range of talent varies in age, talent style, achievements and turnaround times.

Voice Artists for All Productions

At Media Sound, we quite literally have a voice over artist to suit all tastes and genres. Our voice artists are sure to make a lasting impression, regardless of the kind of production you are getting made up. Media Sound Brisbane produce audio advertisements for radio, television and cinema advertising, corporate videos, presentations and training DVDs, online, social media, eLearning and gaming ... just to name a few. Call us today and stand out from the crowd with and get a high quality voice recording for your next audio production.

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Media Sound is a professional audio recording company specialising in the recording of voice over artists for use in Radio Commercials, Television Commercials, Corporate Videos, Real Estate Videos, YouTube, Telephone Messages On Hold, Instore Sound and Instore Music and any other media were professional sound recording s are required.